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Best Places to Visit for Summer in India

Summer is the perfect time for a vacation. Usually, people pack their things and search for places where they can go to and enjoy the sun. And one of the most visited countries at this time is India. Many foreigners find India very appealing because there are a lot of fantastic tours that you can do there, so many historical landmarks to see, special heritage monuments to visit, nature spots and exotic wildlife to discover, breathtaking beaches to enjoy, pilgrimage sites to go to, religious places to find and many more. No wonder India is one of the best places to go to for summer.
Manali, Ooty, Gulmarg, Munnar and Nainital are among the best places that you can visit when you are in India. A view of the Himalayan peaks is offered when you are in Manali. It is also famous for honeymooners and adventure seekers because of the romantic atmosphere and exciting things that you can do like camping and trekking. Ooty is also another place that you should visit because of the fascinating lakes, beautiful gardens, abundant tea plantations and fauna. For those who want to see wonderful sights then Gulmarg is another destination that you can visit in India. It is also perfect for honeymooning couples and adventure lovers. Munnar and Nainital should never be missed because of the amazing things that you can experience and find there.