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Best way to explore the varied facets of India Culture and Heritage

India is one of those countries in the world which has preserved its culture and heritage. The confluence of many religion blessed India with rich culture and traditions whose vibrancies create mystic atmosphere that spellbind tourists during their India Tour. One can find the traces of different cultures in attractions like music, dance, architecture, festivities, languages spoken, traditional beliefs, customs and cuisine. Indian cultural tour is the best way to understand the cultures of India. Some of the prominent aspects of Indian culture are:
Religion :- India is the land of faith and spirituality where number of religions have not only evolved but also flourished. It is an integral aspect of Indian culture which has a great impact on Indian society. Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism and Islam are the popular religions of India. The philosophy and teachings of Indian religion are renowned across the world. Large number of tourists visit Indian pilgrimage sites to learn the philosophy and genesis of life and death.
Art and Crafts :- Arts and Crafts of India are known across the world for their unique design and beauty. The beauty of arts and crafts not only showcases the inner feeling of the artist but also of the society. Each region of India has its own crafts which represents the uniqueness and diversity of Indian culture. The major arts and crafts of India include idol making, painting, wood sculpture, stone carvings, metal statue, terracotta, embroidery, ornaments and jewellery.
Indian Cuisine :- The diversity of India is also reflected through its cuisine. It is an important aspect of Indian culture and its tastes and way of cooking varies from region to region. Each cuisine of India has its own speciality. Indian cuisine is a fine blend of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian elements along with the subtle use of spices and herbs.
Fairs and Festivals :- Fairs and festivals are an integral part of Indian culture. Because of the diverse culture India has unending cycle of fairs and festivals. Each and every festival here is celebrated with great pomp and gaiety. Each festival has its own charm which captures the hearts of tourists who come here from across the globe. The tradition of fairs and festivals celebration in India dates back to the Vedic age.