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Planning to Visit India for the First Time

If you are planning to visit India for the first time, then you can plan it now. India is the only country where you can visit any time as it has variety to offer you in all seasons. Here you can enjoy your holidays in every season. The glimpse of this country will take you to the past and future at the same time. It has everything like green forest, hitch city, and wide oceans spread across the country. If you are thinking of exploring the rich heritage and culture, then this is a place to be visited. This wonderful country is blessed with some rare and exceptional beauties.
When planning a luxury tour of India with such a varied range of encounters to choose from, where do you go to quench your wanderlust?
Well luckily for you there are plenty of luxurious and bespoke experiences to immerse yourself in.
India offers so much, from the pristine white wonder Taj Mahal, to the sandy beaches of Goa, to the backwaters of Kerala. It is of course impossible to explore all of India's beauty in just one trip, and to really soak up the rich culture and heritage of each city it is better to concentrate on one or two regions at a time.
The perfect vacation is a fusion between sightseeing, relaxation and luxurious stays with flexibility, comfort, security and independence. Luxury travel is about unique authentic experiences, it is travel without stress, pressure of time tailored to your preferences, defined by your desires, inclinations and impulses.
North India is a fantastic introduction for any first time traveller to the sub-continent, and most of North India tours usually begin and end in New Delhi, which is in easy reach of colorful Rajasthan and spiritual Varanasi. But of course you could choose Mumbai as your starting point too depending upon your preferences and flight connections.
The must see Golden Triangle in India:
Golden Triangle Tour covers three cities - Delhi, Agra and Jaipur, and each offers the extraordinary wealth of cultural and historical splendor.

First Timer Tour Package India

Totally customizable tour package for first time visitors