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Rajasthan Heritage Tours With Magnificent Royal Palaces

From Kashmir to Kanyakumari there’s a sense of cultural difference and Rajasthan tops the chart with the exemplary Culture, tradition, and heritage are the ingredients that distinguish and identify a state from another. India is one country, which is diverse in so many ways. This specialty distinguishes it from rest of the world, where customs and traditions are almost similar; from clothes to eating habits and other striking similarities. But here, things changes every other mile. The accent, dialect, geographical conditions, clothes, mannerism, etc. However, these distinctions ironically unite the nation. It’s like five fingers of a hand, each one has its importance and co-exists with each one assigned a specific role while one indulge in any work.
and heritage that it houses. The sites and monuments here are second to none on the globe.
Great Legacy
The erstwhile aristocrats have left a rich heritage and legacy. In the pre-independence era, the state was divided into reasons like Mewat, Marwar, Mewar as per the legends available. The vaastu kala (architecture), miniatures, colours, the chivalry of Rajputana flow in its air that leaves an everlasting impact on everyone who visits the land of stalwarts of courage. Not just that, the princely state despite the lack of natural materials boasts of glorious past and present. It’s one of the first places that has had women of great stature and valour, who inspire the world.  The values they nurtured and instilled in their kids reflect who became the most devastating army for the enemies with love for their motherland. The villages here house the most basic anecdotes of simplicity yet near to the culture and age-old customs. It’s more than just kings and queens. The historical facts comfortably eclipse the sacrifices it took to build the majestic forts and grandeur palaces. 

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