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Pushkar Camel Fair Festival Tour Packages India 2017

Best Pushkar Camel Fair Tour Packages Rajasthan India at affordable Price

Fairs and Festivals bring joy in life. They bridge relation among people and with the inner peace. And such state of moment or life introduces one with the enlightenment of life that transcends a being to the best possible place (not physically though, but innately), the serene mind. The mela or fair is a way to celebrate life and make it more exciting and colorful. It adds different flavours to our aspects, which make life interesting.
For the very purpose, several fairs are held in India, namely:
1.      Jagannath Ratha Yatra mela – Here, the procession of Lord Subhadra, God Baldau, and Lord Krishna is carried out in which millions of people participate with all devotion. They hail from across the globe.
2.      Kapal Mochan Mela
3.      Kumbh Mela at Allahabad, Haridwar, Nashik, Ujjain Trimbakeshwar
4.      Pushkar Mela (Cattle, chiefly world’s best camel fair )

Camel Fair ( Cattle Mela ) in Pushkar Rajasthan

Rajasthan is termed as Rangilo (colourful) due to the live wire enthusiasm here despite scarcity or natural resources and basic amenities like water. The Pushkar Mela is one such gem fest of the state, which is toured by a plenty of foreign tourists.
This fair is mainly known for its different adorned camels, brought at the place for the purpose of showcasing and selling them at a good price. Distinct designs are engraved on them and the ship of the desert are adorned with beautiful ornaments that naturally attract people to see them.  The glitz and shimmer make them look adorable.  It’s basically a five-day festival. Apart from these, the presence of other livestock also greets the fair making it magnanimous and one of a kind on the Earth.
Pushkar Camel Safari Tours By TatlaTrip

Pushkar Camel Fair Competition

 Various competitions viz Matka Phod, Longest Moustache, Bridal competition are held here, which make the fair cherishable. The fest takes place near the Lake Pushkar and begins on Kartik Ekadashi with the conclusion on Kartik Poornima (Full moon). This way it has a religious connotation also attached to it.  In 2017, it will start on October 28, (Saturday) to November 4. (Saturday), more than five days. So, join the sojourn with Tatla Trip that will take you to this exotic location on time to make sure you don’t miss any fun at really affordable price.