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Enjoy the beautiful Jaisalmer with lesser car rentals

India is the country of great warriors, who laid their lives to unite the country from foreign invaders. Apart from that its royalty and aristocratic lifestyle is famous across the world. It's the charm of the erstwhile kings and queens which attract tourists and visitors from different places of the globe. Rajasthan is one state that holds the colours of hospitality, grandeur, and splendour of majestical, which fills the heart of every Indian with pride. The forts and palaces built here are an epitome of beauty and rich heritage. 
Jaisalmer is one of the cities in Rajasthan which boasts of sand dunes and shares borders from our arch rivals Pakistan. Millions of people visit this place to take the pleasurable view of the renowned 'That Desert'. Due to this specialty, the district is also known as 'The Golden city'. It's located some 575km from Jaipur

Pay reasonable car rental, roam around the city of Jaisalmer

There are various ways to come to Jaisalmer like through bus, personal vehicle etc. But the best way, if you are looking to watch out and experience the greatness of its history through the lens of your eyes car on rents is the best option. Many tour operators provide four-wheelers with decent car rentals.
To make your trip worth remembering and memorable, booking a car near by the Golden City can do wonders to the entire journey. It will serve two purposes. First, you won't even need to think about looking a guide, as drivers generally do that job for their travellers. Second, it will fit your budget. 

Have fun in Jaisalmer with fewer car rentals

Destinations to visit
There are a plethora of Jain Temples in the district to be seen like Chandraprabhu Jain Temple, Parshvantha, Lodhruva Jain Temple, Shantinatha, Lodhruva Jain Temple etc. 
Apart from them, Pokhran, Tanot Mata Temple, and Baba Ramdevji are places one must visit. And yes, the famous sand-dunes