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Jaisalmer is the desert town in the Indian State of Rajasthan. Located close to the famous Thar Desert, the whole town has a bright golden aura to it. Jaisalmer shimmers like a mirage of oasis amidst the barren deserts of Rajasthan. The visitor’s guide to Jaisalmer will tell you about the enriching facts about this place and also how and when to reach this exciting destination. Being a small town, the entire place can be seen in about 2 hours by just strolling around. The remote place has its major economy from the tourism department.

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The visitor’s guide to Jaisalmer will also cover the climatic conditions in this place. The summers are quite simmering with temperatures reaching up to 42 degrees and the winters are quite cool with average temperature at about 24 degrees Celsius. So the best time to visit this place would be between October and March. There is no airport at this town, the nearest being at Jodhpur at about 500 km from here. But the best way to reach here is by trains from Jodhpur via an overnight journey. Roads are quite barren but well connected from major cities in Rajasthan.

Major attractions in Jaisalmer include the Jaisalmer Fort, the Jain Temples and the number of havelis that are a part and parcel of this town. Though the place gives a medieval feel to it, there is no dearth of the facilities that are available over here. The visitor’s guide to Jaisalmer will give you an insight about the locals of this place. The locals may look rugged in their traditional costumes but they are quite gentle and polite when you approach them. The shopping marts are a must visit if you are a shopaholic because Jaisalmer is famous for exquisite wooden carvings and other precisely carved artifacts.

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There are quite a plenty of hotels to choose from. All the guests are accorded with a warm traditional reception and personal attention is given to each guest by the staffs. New hotels are coming up quite recently to cater to the international guests. The visitor guide to Jaisalmer will enlighten you on the nightlife of the town too. There are traditional dances and a desert night show and the likes of it to keep you occupied through the night. All major pubs and bars are open till late into the night.

Local Musicians Suryagarh Fort Jaisalmer Tatlatrip

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