A vacation to India is incomplete in itself without Taj Mahal Tours and Rajasthan Tours. These cities ooze with beauty and intense grandeur making them favorite among the tourists. These places form the core of the Golden Triangle, which has given them the worthiness of admiration.

Agra contributes the worldly renowned TajMahal, famed for its beauty and resplendence. This city offers beautiful monuments from the Mughal period, staying true to its tourism fantasy image. Rajasthan, on the other hand, brings out the reminiscences of the Rajputs. This state holds on its soils, the beautiful forts and palaces built with great precision and appreciation. Jaipur, known more often as the Pink City, resonates with the steadiness of the past and its culture. The famous HawaMahal, Jal Mahal, Amber Fort, and the City Palace are just few of the famed tourist vacation spots.

Golden Triangle Tour with Agra

A travel to any place usually comes with certain hassles and traveling to a new place will nonetheless magnify them. Tour packages take care of most of the troubles that accompany travel during vacation. Considering the contribution of TajMahal tourism and   to the diversity in Incredible India, these tourism hotspots have enriched special packages to enhance the stay experience. Even then, it will be of great use to know about certain generalities that will better your stay and vacation.

The best months to visit the Taj would be from October to March. Within the country, you can make use of the low fare domestic flights, which offer high quality service. The next best medium would the Indian Railways. Being an important city, Agra is well- connected with all cities and towns. For people outside of India, there are better discounts available on the connecting flights as compared with the direct flight routes. Agra offers some of the best hotels to ease out the visit along with high quality food. These hotels range from five stars to budget hotels, which provide you with a wide option to choose from.

rajasthan tour packages by tatlatrip

As with TajMahal tours, special packages are available for Rajasthan tours. Being a desert state, it is highly influenced by temperatures. It is best for people outside India to travel from October to December. Rajasthan is well- linked with railways and has one international airport. Hotels and lounges in Jaipur reflect a taste of its culture. The best way to travel here would be through the TatlaTrip.

Travel agents offer best discounts and packages, which often come handy while on a vacation to these cities.

Book your Rajasthan tour packages with the help of travel agents at the reasonable price and know more about Taj Mahal tours.

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